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    Oh man, you guys, I LOVE Hackers. I was really excited about the idea of computers and the internet without really getting in the the technical side of them. So, when Hackers came out in 1995, I was in. In the theaters watching that with my friends. Man, the Angelina Jolie nip reveal is much […]


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    After a lengthy discussion with some friends on Facebook about the merits of Hackers as opposed to The Net and other computer movies, my buddy from way back in the 5th grade Geof suggested I check out Antitrust. I immediately added it to the top-ish of my queue, but didn’t get around to watching it […]


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    The six year gap between License To Kill and GoldenEye must have been unbearable for longtime Bond fans. Up until that point, there had been a new installment every two or three years since the series debuted with 1962′s Dr. No. A combination of legal problems, unfortunate passings and illness, this expanse of time lead […]


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    One of the things I’ve always loved about writing is coming up with fun headlines or recurring feature titles, so when I realized that I could have called these posts 80s Oddyssey, I had a pangs of regret. Pangs! Ah well, I don’t feel like going back and changing them all, so I’ll just keep […]


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    Finally seeing the last chapter in a long running horror franchise is a strange experience. I put off seeing H20 and Resurrection for a while because I had heard that they negated the fourth, fifth and sixth installments. Now, if you go and read that last link, you’ll read that I don’t actually like The […]

    TJDietschHalloween ResurrectionTJDietschHalloween Resurrection

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    After watching Halloween: Resurrection and enjoying it more than I should have, I decided to try my luck with Gamebox 1.0, a movie I thought was positively reviewed on Horror Movie A Day, but apparently wasn’t. I should really have my memory looked at. Anyway, I didn’t write about it yesterday because I was busy […]

    TJDietschgamebox 10TJDietschgamebox 10

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    I’ve been doing some writing the past two nights which has been very creatively gratifying, especially because I’ve been slacking a bit in that department of late. When I write, I like to have something on in the background that I can not necessarily ignore, but not really pay full attention to. Now that I […]

    TJDietschweird scienceTJDietschweird science

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    After being so impressed with Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning, I wanted to go back and check out the other movies in the Soldier franchise, just to remind myself of what had happened. I didn’t expect them to be as good as the latest installment, but I was curious to see what had been done […]

    TJDietschuniversal soldier the returnsudden deathTJDietschuniversal soldier the returnsudden death

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  • 02/25/13--07:18: Casting Internets
  • My buddy Brett White offered an excellent companion piece to his CBR piece about why Orson Scott Card shouldn’t be writing Superman about the real comics community. He’s right and it’s important to remember that the negative side of the internet is most often the very vocal minority. Here’s another piece about the OSC/DC debacle […]

    TJDietschhackerskirby argoTJDietschhackerskirby argo

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    It doesn’t take much to draw me towards a movie. If you’ve got a flick, especially one from the 80s, starring a few people I already like and don’t take more than 100 minutes of my time, I’ll probably watch you on Netflix Instant. That was the case with Black Moon Rising, a movie I’d […]

    TJDietschblack moon risingblack moon rising german posterTJDietschblack moon risingblack moon rising german poster

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    One of my favorite movie subgenres has to be computer movies (heck, it’s got it’s own Category over there on the right). Favorite examples include WarGames, Sneakers, The Net and Hackers. It might seem inconceivable, but back then, the general public wasn’t sure what to think about all these people talking to each other over […]

    TJDietschtrack down postertakedown posterTJDietschtrack down postertakedown poster

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    Of all the big action stars of the 80s and 90s, Wesley Snipes is one whose films I’m almost completely unfamiliar with. Sure, I’ve seen Blade — what comic fan my age didn’t see it? — and a few other of his more recent films, but I’m still something of a novice when it comes […]

    TJDietschdrop zone posterTJDietschdrop zone poster

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    I usually start these more obscure film reviews off by saying how I came to watch the movie in question. With Evolver, it’s a pretty simple (boring) story. I saw this goofy poster on Netflix, looked a bit closer, realized it was from 1995 and starred Ethan Embry. That’s pretty much all it took. A […]


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    After watching Cyborg again fairly recently, I fell down the rabbit hole that is director Albert Pyun’s filmography. While poking around, I spied a film called Arcade that sounded like something I wanted to check out. I actually had this disc from Netflix on hand when I watched Evolver last week, but the disc was […]

    TJDietscharcade posterTJDietscharcade poster

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    Johnny Mnemonic‘s one of those 90s sci-fi action movies I saw once in high school and didn’t really think of much between then and when it popped up on Netflix Instant fairly recently. The movie finds Keanu Reeves’ title character working as an information courier. Instead of carrying the data in a briefcase, though, he gets […]

    TJDietschjohnny mnemonicthe matrixTJDietschjohnny mnemonicthe matrix

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    Several years back I was in the enviable position of being on Shout Factory’s PR list thanks to working at ToyFare. Because of that, I got a lot of interesting DVD sets, some of which I haven’t even watched yet. The Giant Robot Action Pack featuring Robot Wars and Crash and Burn is one such […]

    TJDietschrobot wars postercrash and burn posterTJDietschrobot wars postercrash and burn poster

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    Oh my goodness, you guys. Nightmare Weekend has got to be the most bonkers movie I’ve seen in a good long while. Maybe that’s because it’s the ONLY credit to screenwriter George Faget-Benard’s name or that director Henri Sala mainly seemed to deal in French erotica or the fact that it deals with, well, everything,…

    TJDietschNightmare-Weekend-1986nightmare weekend poster 2TJDietschNightmare-Weekend-1986nightmare weekend poster 2

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    Early this month I worked on a list for CBR that might eventually get published about the best classic horror movies to stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime. That lead to me watching Tales From The Darkside: The Movie for the first time and I think it’s up there with Body Bags as one of … Continue reading Halloween Scene: Tales From The Darkside


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    As I mentioned yesterday, I got to an early start when it came to watching horror movies this fall. So, I’ve got a lot to talk about! First, if you haven’t already, check out a pair of lists I wrote for CBR. One’s about movies and shows to follow Stranger Things up with while the … Continue reading Halloween Scene: Old School Round-Up


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    All in all, I had pretty great luck with newer horror films during 2017, as I wrote about in a post last week. When it comes to older films, especially horror ones, I tend to have lower — or at least different — expectations. If a movie’s off-the-wall bonkers, but made with effort, I’ll probably … Continue reading My Favorite Older Horror Discoveries Of 2017